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30gsm Protective Tissue Paper for Sublimation Printing

Protective Tissue Paper for Sublimation Printing, is used to protect the felt belt during heat transfer, from color pollution.

Bolin papers centers provide sublimation paper from 29gsm to 100gsm, and protective tissue paper for sublimation heat transfer, as well as various papers related with garment production\ packaging, etc. All regular sizes available. Special sizes can also be customized.

  • Gram: 30gsm
  • Code: #862
  • Samples: Free samples can be provided, shipping freight under client’s account.
  • MOQ: 50 rolls
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Payment Terms:  By T/T,30% TT deposit, 70% TT before shipment. Other terms to be discussed.

What is protection paper and what is it used for?

Sublimation heat transfer process is printing design or patterns onto the sublimation papers, and then the printed paper and polyester are overlapped together. The printed paper and fabric rolled into heating machine, under high temperature of 210℃ to 220℃. Under high temperature, the ink molecules will transform to a gas phase and transferred to the polyester.

But the ink gas phase molecules may pass the polyester and stop on the belt. Once the ink stays on the belt, it will sublimate again and transfer onto the new fabric. So for sublimation heat transfer, the protection paper is necessary.

Features of 30gsm Protective Tissue Paper for Sublimation Printing:

  • ● Cost-effective paper, save cost for clients.  
  • ● Can customize sizes for client.
  • ● Quality consistency guarantee


The protection paper is used to protect the felt belt from dye pollution during heat transfer.

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Application (3)cn5

Packaging and Shipping

Packaging: The 30gsm Protective Tissue Paper for Sublimation Printing roll are usually made to 1500meters or longer. Regular pack is wrapped by coated kraft paper.

Shipping: Load paper rolls into container directly or pack the rolls onto pallet, then load pallets into container.

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Packaging and shipping 1odq
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After-sales Service

If you meet any problem no matter during shipping, or using our products during production, you can directly contact the sales under your account. Our whole team will do our best to help solving the problem.

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